Into The Future

As we’ve mentioned before, our dreams are big. So much is the need and so great is our passion that we want to continue “Reaching Africa” for years to come. Plans are in place to construct a permanent medical clinic and an adjoining dental clinic and for the treatment of patients on a ongoing basis as well as supporting a children’s orphanage.

We are working toward this goal and have received sufficient dental equipment to set up a new dental clinic in a well deserved area. We plan to do this with the help of Dr. Sean Gubler and Dr. Chad Gubler. They will be heading up the next medical service mission in June of 2013.

We have also received many other donated medical supplies, including hospital beds, nursing equipment, infant hospital cribs and many other needed equipment for hospitals and clinics in West Africa.

In addition, we have received many donated children’s clothing, linens, and school supplies that will be given to Save Our Lives Ghana Orphanage. We will be sending all of these donated items and equipment this Spring to have it available for us when we journey to Ghana in June of 2013. We appreciate all of those who have contributed.

All it takes is a few helping hands…and a lot of hard work. Together, the difference we can make is huge. We’ve seen it in the eyes of those we have served and have felt the appreciation in their touch. It is a journey worth taking. Please join us in the cause of REACHING FOR AFRICA.