It all started with a big idea…that got bigger.

When it came time for Chandler Nielson’s Eagle Scout Project, he wanted to do something that would make a difference…and have impact for years to come. So he decided to dream big. After speaking with family and friends an idea started to take shape. A way to provide educational textbooks and other reading material to those in desperate need. An ambitious undertaking considering his beneficiaries were on the other side of the world in the West African country of Ghana.

The response to his request for books was huge. They came pouring in by the truckload. Math. Reading. Children’s favorites. They filled his families garage…and then some. Organizing, packaging and filling the enormous shipping container with the books was no small task. Not to mention the significant cost to ship it via boat. But knowing the joy they would bring to so many children made it all worth while.

The realization of that knowledge came a few months later when Chandler and his dad, Dr. Jason Nielson were able to visit Ghana in person and see the impact their books were having. In addition to seeing the children they were helping firsthand, Dr. Nielson was also able provide medical instruction and services on this trip that blessed the lives of many. It also opened his eyes to how much equipment and services are needed in this region.

The trip was life changing. It was the fulfillment of an ambitious idea of an young Boy Scout. But that was just the beginning.

After the Nielson’s returned to the comforts of their lives in Southern Nevada, their hearts and minds were still with their new friends in Ghana. Finally Chandler spoke up. “Dad, we should do something to help those people. What else can we do?” An even bigger idea began to form. That was the moment that Reaching Africa Foundation was born.